Designed a custom WordPress website, UI, motion graphics and subtle delightful user experiences for a Toronto Law firm.


BT 10 is a law firm that is unique and provides exceptional service to it’s client. My mandate was to make the design stand out and unique and differentiate from the usual law firms’ web sites that appear boring and cookie cutter while at the same convey a professional message.


Bt10 Communications is a unique law firm that also specializes in corporate and law communications. The client wanted a site that was unique, exciting and unlike any of the other typical sites in place for other Toronto law firms. I worked with BT1o’s designer, Tracey Dey, who came up with a beautiful brand identity and the initial ideation for the site, which then became the diving board for me to design the website, UI and the motions.

Everything was eventually integrated into a solid WordPress back-end for easy updates.

The desktop experience is a rich motion heavy reveal of snippets of content which then gets simplified for the tablet and mobile experiences.


Even though the desktop version has many animated nuances with many delightful micro-interactions, overall it kept a level of simplicity and minimal aesthetics which adapted well across various devices.

Sirus brings a rare combination of technical and artistic skills to any design project. He’s a monster tech-head, who knows all the latest programs; and he’s a talented designer, with a degree in visual arts from the University of Toronto. I brought Sirus a website project, which had already been rendered graphically based on a strong concept. Sirus was able to translate the graphic design to programming in a way that exceeded my expectations. He also developed customized programming to achieve movement on the site that heightened the whole experience, while maintaining the simplicity of use. I can highly recommend Sirus to anyone who wants an unforgettable, user-friendly site.

Michael Alexander
Lead Strategist and Senior Counsel at BT10 Communications / 

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