We redesigned an iconic Canadian alternative music magazine website and increased their online traffic by 126% and page views by 112% in under 12 months.


For over 35 years Musicworks magazine has been dedicated to the development of new and passionate audiences for experimental music. Promoting both emerging and established experimental musicians, Musicworks features composers, improvisers, instrument designers, and artists who work in genres such as radio, electroacoustics, concert music, sound installation, and sound sculpture.


Musicworks is forward thinking, future friendly Canadian alternative music magazine, but their website was stuck in the past. Cluttered layout and difficult navigation meant low online interaction with their audience. My role was to re-think their UX, redesign their user interface and also manage the Drupal development of their website.

After several interviews with client, we determined the user goals and also the Magazine business objectives. This information became the foundation for a comprehensive UX blueprint and the resulting wireframes. You can view the wires here.

Musicworks Magazine Website Redesign

Music being vital to the essence of this website it was important to integrate a custom music player within the site so that users could listen and play various tracks while surfing the site.


A custom designed, robust e-Commerce engine, enabled the transaction of one-time sales and an annual subscription to both their printed magazine and also digital version. A customer care section facilitated an online management of subscribers and  their orders.


Musicworks has a huge collection of archived content. Monetizing this content and making it accessible online was huge user experience improvement which also benefited the magazine’s business objectives.

In less than 12 months, traffic was up by 117%, new users up by 160% and pageviews up by 111%.


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