I helped the team at Klick Health with the design of a web app speaker portal for registered users to create, edit and manage their presentations and events.


Under contract to Klick Health, I worked with a team of UX designers, creative directors, strategists, and developers tasked with the design of a tablet-optimized app that would streamline the process of creating, editing and managing presentation slides for special events.

The app essentially was to become a central hub & portal for Aubagio’s speakers and presenters who each had a number of presentions that needed to be made for events throughout a year. The problem was that it was not easy for the speakers to create & organize their presentations and manage their events in a streamlined way, and it was also time-consuming to prepare for each presentation.

Since the offsite branding was already established and also as there were to going to be numerous states & conditions for any given screen, it made sense to start with building a cohesive system that would bring consistency to the overall UI and user experience and tie the various elements together. To achieve this I started with designing the style guides which then became a starting point for developers to start the agile development process.


We used Google’s principles of material design as a reference point and as an inspiration to achieve a modern and tactile experience.

Overall the UI was optimized for tablet usage since the speakers would be using that device primarily for their presentations and events. An intricate system of UI elements was designed including custom players and iconography.

A robust CMS and resource library made the creation process easy and streamlined the management.

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