I helped the team at Klick Health with the website redesign of Amitiza a US pharmaceutical brand.


Under contract to Klick Health, I was part of a team of UX designers, writers, creative directors, strategists and developers tasked with the redesign of the website of a U.S. based pharmaceutical brand called Amitiza.


The old site looked cluttered and dated, and as a result was having low conversion rates and was under performing for the major key performance indicators. The goal of the redesign was to be current, educational & goal-oriented for its personas. My role was UI design, creative conception, and art direction, liaisoning between various internal stakeholders.

Taking a mobile-first approach, I approached this project with building a cohesive design system rather than designing individual pages and by putting type first. As a first step, the core typographic elements and their relationships to their environments was designed with priority given to device agnostic legibility. To test the new typographic relationships I began the design process in the browser using a tool called Typecast. Internally we were able to see how the system fared in various devices using the actual content.


Once a cohesive, legible system was designed I moved onto designing a comprehensive Style Guide which was then handed over to the developers to start the agile development process pf the new ecosystem.

Once the system was established then it was a simple matter of plunking in copy and imagery and all the pieces would fall in their respective places, keeping the design consistent over various devices.


2 of many creative alternative approaches which were explored. Variety within each creative concept was easily achieved by tweaking various elements within the system.

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